sdss_ferrite_austenite# bool = False, **kwargs) CrystalMap[source]#

Return a dual phase Austenite and Ferrite crystallographic map produced with dictionary indexing of electron backscatter diffraction patterns of a super duplex stainless steel (SDSS) sample.


Whether to allow downloading the dataset from the internet to the local cache with the pooch Python package. Default is False.


Keyword arguments passed to file_reader().


Crystal map of shape (100, 117).


The EBSD data was acquired by Jarle Hjelen from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and carries the CC BY 4.0 license.


Read data and plot phase map

>>> from orix import data
>>> xmap = data.sdss_ferrite_austenite(allow_download=True)
>>> xmap
Phase   Orientations       Name  Space group  Point group  Proper point group       Color
    1   5657 (48.4%)  austenite         None          432                 432    tab:blue
    2   6043 (51.6%)    ferrite         None          432                 432  tab:orange
Properties: iq, dp
Scan unit: um
>>> xmap.plot(overlay="dp")

Examples using sdss_ferrite_austenite#