Adding data to the data module#

Example datasets used in the documentation and tests are included in the module via the pooch Python library. These are listed in a file registry ( with their file verification string (hash, SHA256, obtain with e.g. sha256sum <file>) and location, the latter potentially not within the package but from the orix-data repository or elsewhere, since some files are considered too large to include in the package.

If a required dataset isn’t in the package, but is in the registry, it can be downloaded from the repository when the user passes allow_download=True to e.g. sdss_austenite(). The dataset is then downloaded to a local cache, in the location returned from pooch.os_cache("orix"). The location can be overwritten with a global ORIX_DATA_DIR variable locally, e.g. by setting export ORIX_DATA_DIR=~/orix_data in ~/.bashrc. Pooch handles downloading, caching, version control, file verification (against hash) etc. If we have updated the file hash, pooch will re-download it. If the file is available in the cache, it can be loaded as the other files in the data module.

With every new version of orix, a new directory of data sets with the version name is added to the cache directory. Any old directories are not deleted automatically, and should then be deleted manually if desired.